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Author Visits/ HBCU Experience/ Film Screening

Looking for a fun interactive author visit, an HBCU experience, or would you like us to host a film screening for Brown Hands, Black Schools HBCUs? Please send us an email to schedule. We are available for school visits, career days, summer camps, Black History Month, and more!

Prices vary depending on the number of students, location and the type of author visit you would like to have. Please send us an email.  

For the Love of Literacy Workshop


Attendees will walk away understanding that low literacy skills can come from being a product of your environment.

Attendees will learn and understand the five literacy pillars and how it’s critical for being a successful reader.

Enhance functional literacy skills through engaging activities, literacy strategies and expert insights for improved writing, communication and reading skills. 

Educate diverse learning styles - visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic- to meet the needs of all learners. 

Cultivate resilient writing abilities by navigating challenges and setbacks, emerging with strengthened skills and determination.

This workshop is hosted with Rashan Legard Speaks LLC. Click to learn more!

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