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Brown Hands Literacy

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Working Toward a Brighter Future


Brown Hands, Black Schools HBCUs animated short film is now available on Prime Video! 

Brown Hands Literacy was selected as a 2023 exhibitor for the White House Initiative on HBCUs National HBCU Conference. We had an amazing time. 

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Our Mission 

Brown Hands Literacy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate and empower the youth and families about Historically Black College and Universities while also building a love for literacy through Black children's books, HBCU literacy experiences, and films. 


Behind the Brand 

We had an amazing time at our Cincinnati, Detroit and Central State premiere!


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Past Events 

Welcome to Brown Hands Literacy - your premier destination for all things related to literacy and HBCUs. We are on a mission to promote literacy and HBUCs in the community, especially in underserved areas. Our founder, Latoya Turner who is a Central State University graduate was inspired to create this organization to build a love for literacy through diverse children’s books, free literacy events and bring awareness about the rich history of HBCUs.  Latoya is the author of the children’s books Brown Hands, White Sand and Brown Hands, Black Schools: HBCUs. She's also the director, producer and writer of Brown Hands, Black Schools HBCUs. 


As a proud member of the HBCU community, we believe that representation matters, and we strive to provide books that reflect the diversity of our community. 


Our organization was started by a former early childhood teacher, Latoya Turner who witnessed the gaps in literacy that existed in the community and was determined to make a difference. We offer a wide range of services aimed at enhancing literacy skills and opening doors to a brighter future such as HBCU literacy experiences, book drives, author visits, and literacy events and film screenings. 


We are excited to announce that Brown Hands, Black Schools: HBCUs children’s book is now an animated short film with live-action scenes. We also recognize the importance of representation, which is why we focus on books by and about people of color. We welcome anyone who shares our passion for literacy and HBCUs. Please follow us on social media in order to learn more about the dope work that we have done and continue to do. Click on "Our Team" to learn more about the dope individuals who make our work happen.

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Brown Hands Literacy HBCU Literacy Experience

  • 2023 White House Initiative HBCU Week Conference Exhibitor 

  • Brown Hands, Black Schools: HBCUs children's book is featured in Cam & Lex's Adventures animation on the Brick TV. 

  • Brown Hands, Black Schools: HBCUs book was selected for Read the Playbook 2022 for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  • 4x news features 

  • Partnered with The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to host an HBCU Youth- Led Round Table/ Freedom Circle  Storytime.

  • 2x- Ryan Seacrest Studios, Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

  • Over 10k connections,  supporters and followers on social media. 

  • AT& T Dream in Black 2023- Comedian PrettyVee selected Latoya Turner/ Brown Hands Literacy as a business to support. 

  • Latoya was selected as an HBCU Day Ambassador in Cincinnati.


How can you support? 

  • Spread the word about Brown Hands Literacy! 

  • Follow us on social media!

  • Donate money to support our mission!

  • Donate new or gently used diverse books for children or HBCU college students!

  • Volunteer at our HBCU Literacy Experiences!

  • Shop our store! 

  • Educate the youth about HBCUs. 

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What We Do

What We Do 

Host HBCU literacy experiences in order to educate families about HBCUs and early literacy skills. 

Donate diverse children's books to kids in order to build a love for literacy and to make them feel empowered.

Host Brown Hands, Black Schools HBCUs film screenings. 


Give back to HBCU students while aiming to improve their mental health. 


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Brown Hands Literacy partnered with Accelerate Great Schools to recruit juniors and seniors from HBCUs to Cincinnati for an Immersive City Visit so they could explore roles in education in the city.  Students from 7 HBCUs visited schools, enjoyed Cincinnati sights, and toured apartments.  After the trip, 100% of the HBCU visitors said they would recommend the Cincinnati Immersive City Visit experience to a friend, and 91% were interested in pursuing roles in Cincinnati in education.Paige Lindy Chief of staff and operations at Accelerate Great Schools

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I really enjoyed the HBCU Literacy Experience even though my child is in first grade. The importance of these experiences at a young age is high as PWIs are the schools talked most about in schools. 


2022 HBCU Literacy Experience atendee

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Wow! Educating children about HBCUs at an early age is what we need to see more. The children and families will never forget the wonderful presentation by Latoya Turner at Read Across Madisonville 2022. 

Vice Mayor Jan- Michele Kearney of Cincinnati, OH

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I can't wait to go to an HBCU! 


2nd grade student 

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We were so grateful to have Latoya come and visit Seven Hills. Through engaging discussions, interactive activities, and captivating books, Latoya inspired our students to embrace the power of words and explore the limitless possibilities of their own creativity. Students were not only exposed to the joys of literature but also introduced to the exciting world of HBCUs. The connection that she had with our students has a lasting effect on them and it was truly a memorable experience. 

Abbey Sir Louis

The Seven Hills 

In the press, supporters & partners! 

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Brown Hands Literacy was a 2022-2023 
Black Empowerment Works grantee. We received funds to host HBCU Literacy Experiences in Cincinnati. 

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Brown Hands Literacy received the 2023 Hamilton County Inspire Youth Initiative grant. 

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Brown Hands Literacy received a grant from FC Cincinnati Foundation to support a Brown Hands, Black Schools HBCUs film screening for West End students. 

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